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Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, PhD

Photo: Cheruvelil
I am a landscape limnologist who works collaboratively to examine the roles that disturbance (human and natural), spatial scale, and heterogeneity have on lake biology and chemistry. I address questions that advance scientific understanding and are directly applicable to aquatic ecosystem management and conservation. In addition, my research explicitly includes the economic and social factors that both impact lakes and drive their management and conservation. My main areas of interest include examining the role of (1) aquatic plants (native and alien) and their management in lake foodwebs and (2) the landscape in structuring lake biology and chemistry. My students, collaborators, and I use a variety of approaches to conduct our research, such as lake field surveys, mesocosm experiments, and statistical modeling (e.g. multi-level modeling).


Patricia A. Soranno, PhD

Photo: Soranno

I am a landscape limnologist focusing on the multi-scaled spatial and temporal drivers of aquatic chemistry and biology. I am also a macrosystems ecologist and I conduct research to develop concepts, approaches, and datasets needed to foster the development of data-intensive approaches in ecology.  My interest in landscape limnology grew from early studies examining land-water interactions and the spatial arrangements of lakes in a landscape. In recent years, I have become intrigued by the possibility of extending the perspectives, questions and conceptual frameworks beyond traditional freshwater boundaries to consider lakes, streams and wetlands in a more integrated fashion and how they interact with land.