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We are a highly collaborative group of researchers working together to conduct research in landscape limnology, with special focus on developing the critical underlying principles of this emerging subdiscipline, and applying those principles to the management and conservation of freshwater resources. We conduct research at a variety of spatial scales and on a variety of freshwater physical, chemical and biological components. We are particularly excited about moving our research group in the direction of more fully integrated collaborations with stream and wetland scientists to integrate these too often disparate subdisciplines. A freshwater landscape perspective naturally leads to such an integrated view.

DEFINITION: Landscape limnology is the spatially-explicit study of lakes, streams, and wetlands as they interact with freshwater, terrestrial, and human landscapes to determine the effects of pattern on ecosystem processes across temporal and spatial scales (Soranno et al. 2010).

One of our current projects is taking this perspective a step further by adding new collaborators and perspectives to continue to help to define landscape limnology (click below).